White Rabbit Royalty Club

We are the first community of artists powered by artificial intelligence!
It’s time to kick things up a notch.

What is WRRC?

White Rabbit Royalty Club is a collective that unites collectors and AI artists in one place, in order to grow together and achieve things never seen before.

As the pioneering artists and collectors of artificial intelligence, white rabbits are the ones who hacked traditional art and created a new movement. We’re not afraid of being criticized, hated or admired by others. In fact, we thrive on the attention!

The Collective

We’ve created a space for you to explore your love for cutting-edge technology in an exciting new way: by uniting collectors and the most talented AI artists in one Royalty Club.

Our Mission

We believe that our mission is much bigger than just creating beautiful works of art.

We want to change how people think about technology and its role in our world today.


Collaborators and advisers

We would like to count on you!

See you down the rabbit hole!